A Lady in Disguise

A Lady in Disguise, the final—and most romantic!—novel in the Daughters of Hampshire series, balances moments of sheer loveliness with things dark and deadly.  Author Sandra Byrd ushers readers onto a story-rope pulled taut by social, political, criminal and sigh-worthy romantic tension. On the surface, theatre seamstress Gillian and aristocrat Lord Lockwood are a wonderfully mismatched pair, but each time they cross paths an undeniable zing of chemistry draws them further into the other’s heart . . . and a disguise-driven world. As that attraction grows into love, Gillian’s doubts about Lord Lockwood’s motives become much more painful to sort—and bear.

Both main and minor characters are richly built, and as they circle around each other, each must battle questions of honest love versus blind loyalty . . . and painful truth versus pretty pretense. Fans of historical Victorian and Gothic romance will feel right at home in these tightly-spun, suspenseful pages. Highly recommended!”~Serena Chase, USA Today‘s Happy Ever After, author of The Ryn