Forever Friends • Ages 11-14

Dive into this series of books for girls aged 11-14 and discover how a chance meeting between two girls led to them being Forever Friends.


Two girls each have friends, family, and crushes pushing for them to win.
But they can’t both win – someone must lose and disappoint those who love them.

Paige Winsome has always been in the shadow of her athletic brother and academic sister and, as a result, is too often overlooked by her family.

Kate Kennedy, a pastor’s daughter and only child, received plenty of praise and attention for her voice, but her family struggles to make ends meet and must constantly accept others’ charity – and put downs.

No sooner do Paige and Kate meet and become fast friends than they discover they’re both entering the same singer-songwriter competition and competing for the same $400 prize. Each girl sees this contest as an answer to her problem – for Paige to finally get the recognition she’s been waiting, and for Kate, to help others financially without having to ask for handouts. Can this new friendship survive the stress of competition? After all, only one can win …

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“This book is excellent. The girls are real, and their conflicts engage the heart.
A laugh-out-loud, cry-out-loud, cheer-out-loud book.” 

– Romantic Times Book Review, Top Pick, 4 1/2 stars


Red Velvet

Is she making her mom happy, or giving her permission to die?

Quinn Miller and her family are heading to Seattle for a six-week stay at Anderson House—a home away from home for cancer patients and their families—while her mother undergoes treatment. Once there, Quinn meets Annie, whose mom is also going through treatment. Each girl discovers that she has something special to share with the other, including Starbucks, shopping, and secrets about boys.

When Quinn reads her mother’s teen-years diary, she comes across a list of things her mom has wanted to do before she dies. Quinn wants to help her mom accomplish all these things, but will doing so be giving her mom permission to die?

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“This story hooked me from page one… I just plain loved this book. Highly recommended.
– Novelteen Book Reviews


Daisy Chains

There’s nothing like helping in a super dreamy wedding to make a girl think about romance,
best friends, and just maybe, her faith.

Kylie Peterson and Rachel Cohen become fast friends when both are invited to help out with a wedding. Kylie’s cousin Jed is marrying Rachel’s cousin Davina, and Jed asks the girls to help with the flowers – in secret. It doesn’t hurt that some cute guys are involved!

Kylie figures she was born a Christian, like the rest of her family, but maybe that’s not actually true? Rachel is hurt—did her cousin Davina stop being Jewish when she became a Messianic believer? As the girls grow in friendship they uncover some remarkable truths about themselves, truths that will challenge their families, their friendship, and themselves.

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“I am especially thankful for this book because there is relatively little material about Messianic Jewish believers that is written with skill and care and is culturally authentic…Sandra does this without preaching, with dialogue that is real, with characters that you care about, and through a very engaging and enjoyable story that I found hard to put down.”
– Janie-sue Wertheim, Children’s and Youth Minister, Jews for Jesus.


Island Girl

Was she going to be a new friend? Or was she going to take away everyone and everything Meg loved?

Every summer thirteen-year-old Meg returns to the berry fields of her grandparents’ farm on Sauvie Island, Oregon. But this year, everything is different. With her mother remarried and a new baby on the way, Meg isn’t quite sure where she fits in the family anymore. And now the comfortable familiarity of the farm has changed, too. There is a new girl, Tia…and she obviously holds a special place in Meg’s grandparents’ hearts.

Meg faces the challenge of figuring out what life, family, friendship, and boyfriends are all about. In order to thrive, she must learn the importance of her uniqueness and God’s plan for her life.

But could she lose everything in return for living by faith?

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“…A shining beginning to this new series, and I look forward to reading more of these touching stories.”
– Bookloons