Hidden Diary • Ages 8-12

Lucy is dreading another summer on the island away from her friends while her father works on his research project. Then she stumbles upon a letter from 1932 that gives mysterious clues about a hidden diary and how to find it. Along the way Lucy finds trouble, adventure, excitement… and a new best friend.

In four, action packed, heart-touching volumes, Lucy and Serena track down the clues offered in an old diary. When they challenge one another to a diary dare, the risks and rewards only get bigger. Each volume includes two books chock full with everything tweens want to read about: fun, friends, family, faith and at a fast-pace.

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Volume #1

Book One, Cross My Heart

Lucy Larson is looking forward to summer—what could be better than spending twelve weeks on a California beach with her cousin? When her cousin cancels, Lucy’s about to pack up and go home. But then she stumbles upon an old letter that mentions a hidden dairy, cryptic clues, and best friends; Lucy dives headfirst into the mystery, instead, and sets out to find the diary. And just who is that cute boy, Jake, anyway?

Book Two, Make A Wish

Now it’s time to jump into their first Diary Deed. Serena decides it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate Lucy’s birthday! Lucy isn’t so sure. She knows only a few of the girls on the Island, and some of them have been pretty rude. Will anyone come? In the midst of their plans, one of the invitations comes back to Lucy—with a threat. She wonders if she made a big mistake. Should she cancel the party … or face the threat head on?

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Volume #2

Book Three, Just Between Friends

Walking home from the beach, Lucy and Serena come upon a little dog that is hurt and lost—and had no ID tags. Lucy’s living in a “no dogs allowed” cottage and Serena’s dad is allergic. But they can’t leave the poor thing where it is! So the girls devise a secret temporary scheme … that could mean trouble. Things get even messier when they discover the dog is about to have puppies. Who will take care of all of these dogs?

The days are slipping by and they are likely to be caught. Will they figure it out in time or will the dogs be at risk? Can Jake, and Sweet Dreams, come to the rescue?

Book Four, Take A Bow

For this week’s Diary Deed, Lucy and Serena must face their fears. Lucy decides the upcoming Island Art Fair is the perfect opportunity for nervous Serena to display her art. Serena’s not so sure … Then Serena comes up with her own idea for Lucy’s Diary Deed. But the dread of embarrassing herself in public may be too much for Lucy to handle.

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Volume #3

Book Five, Pass It On

This week Lucy and Serena must secretly share good things with others and the two can’t wait to spend a night on a luxury cruise ship. But at the back of Lucy’s mind is a chain letter she received that promises good luck if she passes it on and bad luck if she doesn’t. Is the chain letter a good thing to be shared with others? What will happen to them all if she doesn’t pass it on?

Book Six, Change of Heart

Lucy and Serena are off to camp! With athletic Lucy attending this year, Serena and the other girls from Avalon are confident their cabin will win the annual Golden Pig’s Foot competition. But when they arrive at camp, Lucy finds she is assigned to a different cabin—one full of strangers! Now Lucy doesn’t know what to do about the competition.

If she performs poorly so her friends can win, that would be unfair to her cabin mates—girls who are quickly becoming her friends, as well. And when Lucy accidentally discovers on camper’s tightly held secret, she’s forced to make a decision in which there are no safe choices.

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Volume #4

Book Seven, Take a Chance

Lucy and Serena have to help save the Double C Ranch. When a film crew expresses interest in doing a commercial there, it seems to be the perfect solution to the Double C’s money problems. With Lucy and Serena’s hard work, the chances of winning the commercial seem high. Right?

But Lucy takes a secret, forbidden opportunity to ride a stallion and it turns out to be way more than she bargained for. Will Lucy’s impulsiveness ruin everything?

Book Eight, One Plus One

When Lucy hears of the upcoming One Plus One rally, she is thrilled about the chance to ride a tandem bike. There is only one problem—all of her friends are riding with their brothers or sisters. Lucy wants to ride in the rally, but more than anything, she wants a brother or sister. She can’t exactly expect to find a baby in a basket … or can she?

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