Secret Sisters • Ages 8-12

Secret Sisters: (se’-krit sis’-terz) n. Two friends who choose each other to be everything a real sister should be: loyal and loving. They share with and help each other no matter what!


Each of the six volumes in this exciting series for girls aged 8-12 contains two complete books. Come along with Tess and Erin as they visit a dude ranch, spend time at the beach, sign up for modeling school and have the surprise of a lifetime at an Indian reservation.

Each volume includes everything tweens want in a book: fun, friends, family, faith and a fast-pace. Go ahead – give them a try! Click links to download a sample read from any volume.


Volume #1

Book One, Heart to Heart

After a lonely time in the fifth grade, Tess Thomas dreads the beginning of the next school year. Then the exclusive Coronado Club invites her to join. She thinks she’ll do anything to belong–until she finds out just what “anything” means. How far is too far to keep a friend? When does belonging cost more than you should pay?

Book Two, Twenty-One Ponies

Tess Thomas is an expert at getting into trouble. First, she secretly “borrows” her mother’s diamond wedding earrings to wear to a party with Erin and Erin’s cute brother, Tom. But when the earrings get lost, Tess has to confess to her mom what she’s done.

Determined to make things right, Tess decides to do one nice thing every day to get back on her mom’s good side. Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse when Tess makes another big mistake! How will she ever get her mom to forgive her now?

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Volume #2

Book Three, Star Light

Tess Thomas and her Secret Sister, Erin, have planned for horseback riding and a field trip. But when Erin’s horse is suddenly injured and Tess’s mother starts going to the doctor after experiencing strange symptoms Tess wonders if there is nothing but danger ahead for those she loves.

Book Four, Accidental Angel

Will Christmas bring big fun and big money–or big troubles between the BFFs? It’s a week before Christmas and the Secret Sisters have plans to make money at the craft fair. Tess needs the cash to buy gifts for her family and pay her way to summer camp at the Lazy K Bar, a dude ranch she and Erin want to go to together.

But when their booth space is taken over by the Coronado Club, Tess and Erin have their first big fight. Tess still comes up with a way to make money, but she finds that she might not spend it the way she thought after all.

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Volume #3

Book Five, Double Dare

Tess wants to be noticed. But making her mark has a high cost. Is it all worth it?

This year’s birthday is the worst. First, Tess is cut from the school play. Then all her friends cancel on her birthday sleepover. Worst of all, everyone seems to be great at something–except her.

Tess searches for a way she, too, can be unique and special, like her brother and her friends. She decides to try out for the local gymnastics squad–and she’s good! But the demands of practice time force her to give up other things she cares about, like time with her Secret Sister, Erin. Will making the gymnastics team prove she can excel… or prove she’s a failure after all?

Book Six, War Paint

Should she compete in an all-out mural painting contest with her Secret Sister, Erin–or run for “Miss Coronado”? Tess must decide!

Competition is fierce for the sixth grade mural team, and Tess’s Secret Sister, Erin, desperately wants their group to win. Tess is determined that they will, despite a threat of “war” from members of the snobbish Coronado Club, who have decided they deserve to paint the mural.

Tess is shocked, however, to learn that she’s one of four girls nominated for the “Miss Coronado” contest. If she decides to run, she has to drop out of the mural competition–perhaps ruining her team’s, and Erin’s, chances. If she doesn’t, the catty Lauren is sure to become “Miss Coronado.” And nobody, not even Erin, wants that. What will Tess choose?

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Volume #4

Book Seven, Holiday Hero

This could be the best Spring Break ever — or the worst. Tess can’t wait for the Spring Vacation of her dreams: a trip with her family to San Diego and a hotel on the beach! But her brother suffers a serious accident, and it looks like her plans are ruined. Now, she’ll have to sit at home, bored, just like her Secret Sister, Erin. Unless, of course, the two of them can figure out a way to save the week.

Determined to rescue Spring Break, Tess and Erin hit on the answer: They’ll vacation together! But, as always, the solution they find gets the Secret Sisters into more trouble and adventure than they bargained for!

Book Eight, Backdoor Bridesmaid

Tess and Erin’s teacher planned the perfect wedding – but now something’s gone very wrong. Can the Secret Sisters save the day?

Ms. Martinez, Tess and Erin’s sixth-grade teacher, has planned a storybook wedding, and the whole class is invited! Some of the kids even offer to pitch in and help. But when Tess and Erin discover their beloved teacher crying after school – and learn the reason why – they make up their minds to do even more.

At first, Tess’s idea seems like a good one…even when it involves “stretching” the truth a bit. But soon it becomes clear to the girls that there’s no such thing as a “helpful” white lie. Can the Secret Sisters save the wedding – and maybe the honeymoon – after all? Or will the lie ruin everything?

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Volume #5

Book Nine, First Place

Will the Rim-to-Rim hike make Tess a hero – or a big-time loser?

The Secret Sisters are minding their own business at a Little League game when the snooty Coronado Club stirs up trouble – again! Tess and her friends have earned the best cabin at Outdoor School – the one that Lauren and her gang wanted–and now they’re out for revenge.

Erin blurts out that Tess is racing across the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim with her dad and certainly will win first place. Lauren insists Tess won’t make it. Even worse, Lauren makes sure the whole sixth grade will hear all about the race at the Outdoor School’s opening-night campfire! Tess is left worrying in silence, not wanting to share the secret that she knows could lead to disaster and embarrassment.

Book Ten, Camp Cowgirl

If you have a best friend can you have other friends, too?

The Secret Sisters can’t wait to spend a week at an awesome summer camp on a Tucson dude ranch: the Lazy K. Could vacation get any better than this? They’ll be caring for their own horses and learning to ride better and faster. Most of all, it’s a chance for the Secret Sisters to grow closer together than ever before. At least, that’s what they think.

When they get to the Lazy K, though, both Tess and Erin have to make some difficult choices about each other and new friends. Some of their choices are good. Some are bad. Can a friendship survive some mistakes? What if you want to be friends with others, too? Will what they learn change the Secret Sisters forever?

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Volume #6

Book Eleven, Picture Perfect

Are Tess and Erin pretty enough? Secret Sisters Tess and Erin want to go to modeling school, and they hope to get paid modeling jobs when they’re through. Will they get to go? And if they do, do they have what it takes to make it? Or is their idea of what it takes different from reality?

While the girls discover the answers to these questions, something surprising happens that puts their view of beauty to the ultimate test. Is there something wrong with being pretty?

Book Twelve, Indian Summer

Embark on new adventures with best friends, Tess and Erin, in each exciting book of the Secret Sisters series for girls. Final book in series!

Summer fun ahead! Or is it summer troubles?

Secret Sisters Tess and Erin are ready for a summer of new adventures and service. The first challenge – working as volunteers with the Vacation Bible School at the nearby Navajo Indian reservation – fills their lives with hard work and laughter. It also challenges them to grow in ways they never imagined possible.

While Erin ventures into unfamiliar territory as a leader, Tess decides to take a huge step of faith – one that has an unexpected, serious impact back home. Her dad is driving out … and he’s not happy! Meanwhile, the girls see their faith and friendship become deeper than ever during one incredible, fun-filled Indian Summer.

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