Fifth Annual Teacup and Coffee Mug Exchange!

Fifth Annual Teacup and Coffee Mug Exchange!

Welcome to my Fifth Annual Teacup and Coffee Mug Exchange!

Love tea? Coffee? New friends? Join us and get a beautiful treasure and a new tea-pal in the process.

It’s easy to participate! You agree to send a carefully packaged teacup and saucer (or a coffee mug) to someone, and she agrees to send one to you. Please select something to give that you would like to receive as a gift. You must use tracking and insurance, as I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged mail. If yours doesn’t reach your tea-pal, you’ll be responsible for claiming the insurance and sending a replacement. PLEASE NOTE: There is an important change to the exchange this year. To be able to continue keeping this exchange fun and fair for all involved, anyone who signs up for the exchange and does not send their partner a teacup and saucer or mug may be charged a $20 fee via Paypal to cover the cost of sending a cup or mug in their place.

Once all of the names are gathered, Renee will match partners and send each set of new friends the email and mailing address of their tea-pal. (You must be a newsletter subscriber to participate.) You and your tea-pal will correspond via email if you like, and ship your treasures to one another by Tuesday, October 8, 2019.

Please send a picture of your teacup and saucer or mug to Renee, after you receive it. She will place everyone’s teacup photo in a collage to feature on my website and social media pages. If you send in your photo by Thursday, October 31, 2019, you’ll be entered to win a lovely prize pack from Quaintly & Co.!



Click here to sign up to join the exchange!



6 Comments On This Topic
  1. Amy Alsted
    on Sep 17th at 3:39 pm

    I would love to take part in the exchange this year but I leave Oct 1 for two weeks. Is there any way of getting a name before Oct 1st so I can have it to her in time?

    • Renee
      on Sep 18th at 7:01 pm

      Hi Amy! I’m Sandra’s assistant, Renee. I’ll be pairing everyone up for the exchange. Sandra is looking into matching you with a partner willing to exchange a bit earlier! I’ll let you know when or if a match can be made!

  2. "Sam" Newton
    on Sep 17th at 9:20 pm

    is there a place where we tell our exchange person our likes and dislikes? For example, it’s Pumpkin season and I hate anything pumpkin LOL

    • Renee
      on Sep 18th at 7:04 pm

      Hi Sam! If you sign up for the exchange, you’ll be able to chat with your partner via email! You can each get to know one another’s likes and dislikes including pumpkin! 🙂

  3. Melissa Larsen
    on Sep 19th at 10:04 pm

    Hi, how soon will we know who we are pal’d up with?

    • sandra
      on Sep 24th at 3:35 pm

      Hey, Melissa. In just a couple of days!!


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