A New Direction!

A New Direction!

I’m writing a new book! I am so very excited!⁣

Many of you have asked when my next book will be out, so I wanted to share a bit of my recent journey. Although I love every book I’ve written, I’ve spent a decade researching and writing books set in dark eras, Tudor and Gothic. While they may only take a week or two to read, as their author, I’ve been marinating in grey eras for research, writing, and editing all year – every year – for a long time. My creative spirit was being snuffed out and it was time for a change. I spent some prayerful time researching a cherished book idea that has been nesting in my creative heart for about five years.

And now – it’s time to write it!⁣

This book is both different from anything I’ve written, and yet very much like everything I’ve written. It’s women’s fiction set right here at home in the US, on Whidbey Island, and is a dual narrative: a contemporary story and one in the 1950s. The story entwines the lives of three generations of two families from two cultures – grandmothers, mothers, and granddaughters. It’s about the people we love, the challenges we face together, and how courageous sacrifices blossom long after we’ve planted them, bringing life and joy to those we love best and those we’ll never meet. It’s about keeping secrets and promises, and then not. It’s about deep friendships. It’s about real romance in all its many facets. It’s about sorrow met head-on, and joy and laughter, and victory.⁣

Of course, it’s about food! 😊⁣

I’m so grateful that I have an agent and a publisher who support my new direction and are as enthusiastic about my new book as I am! I hope you, my beloved readers and friends, will be eager to read this, too!

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