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Escape to the intrigue and romance of the glittering Tudor court or perhaps the dreamy Gallic charm of Paris ...

Roses Have Thorns
Ladies in Waiting, Book 3

"I had arrived on these shores nearly nine years earlier. I’d thought that William had brought me from girl to woman, but that night I had truly reached maturity."
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Tweens & Teens

Craving books packed with good guys & bad boys, besties & frenemies, faith, family, and finding yourself?

Forever Friends Series

"There was a lot at stake in this contest. The ani­mals and their owners. My family, whom I needed to see me, to know me, to love me. Jake's admiration. Most of all, my faith in and relationship with God. If I lost, I could lose them all."
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Let me share my story and my stories with you; please take a peek at my blog; step into Hampton Court Palace to discover the Tudor family; meet a few new fictional friends.
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